Sunday, September 03, 2006

Three Reasons

That Georgia Tech lost to Notre Dame. It had nothing to do with the Irish being a substantially better team; rather a mere few points of contention brought about our loss.

First, Tech’s return coverage sucks. I mean, you get a kickoff that lands nicely on the 15-yard line, or a punt that goes farther than you have any right to expect it to, and suddenly the Irish (or the Bulldogs, the Hokies, the Cavaliers, or any other team that Tech makes a general practice of losing to) are on your 48. Huh? Tech must get better at making sure the other team isn’t handed thirty free yards every time the ball gets kicked.

Second, we had some questionable calls. I’m not one to blame my football misfortunes on the refs… unless there was a call so egregiously bad that it may have cost the game. In this game, we had two. The personal foul call during Notre Dame’s second touchdown drive? I’ve heard two explanations for that one: late hit, and hit to the head. From my vantage point (and bias as a Tech fan) it looked like an in-bound, clean hit to me. Even if there was some incidental contact to the head, it was just that: incidental. Five-yard penalty, not ten. Second was Calvin Johnson’s reception late in the game. This was the only reviewed play in the entire game to be reversed on review… and I’d really like to see what they called “indisputable video evidence.”

Finally... Darius Walker. Need I say more? And to think he was on the verge of going to Tech.

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Gina said...


I saw most of the game--fell asleep during the third quarter and my dad made me go to bed, but from what I saw I can agree with you on the punt return thing. It was shameful.

According to my father(who kept screaming at the TV screen for half the game) there was a lot of holding going on that didn't get called. That might have made a big difference.

BUT anyway, that's all I have to say in the matter. We put up a good run, I think, against a team who I originally expected to walk all over us. Losing sucks, but it's not a bad start to the season.

Can't wait for basketball, though. Woot!

Anonymous said...

I really have to agree with you on all three points. I do think, however, that Tech's defense was pretty on the ball. Excuse the pun. 10W40 and I are now big fans of #41, the super tacklin' Mr. Wheeler.


10w40 said...

...and another thing or more about the loss. #1 To be fair about the officiating, the CJ 'non-catch' was called consistently throughout the game. What WAS missed on that very same play was the fact that CJ was molested about a milisecond before the catch, non-catch. If the defender was any more inside CJ's jersey, he'd be banned from living within 1000 yards of a school bus stop in Georgia. #2 Chan's not the most gutsy coach in the 1A. While hindsight is always an ophthamologist's nightmare, late in the game when GT had the ball 3rd and 1 at midfield and tried the 'ol up the middle trick: even the Red and Black Hopscotch Academy in Athens knew what was coming. What about using CJ as a tight end on that play and throwing a slant pass. I know all about Reggie's Liliputian status, but a jump pass to CJ, and bam! first down. Even if they missed that, Chan shoulda gone for it on 4th down. Image the CROWD response if they would have made it.When the crowd was in the game, ND looked more confused than said Red and Black students in a dif-e-q calss. #Even though Chan's not calling evbery play, you can see his influence all over the field. While props are needed for the new guy for trying a bit of the option, and for getting Calvin 'T.O. who?' into more of the offense, isn't it time to consider grooming a new QB and moving Reggie into a position where he can be counted on for some yards? (an aside, did anyone see Reggie's interview on Sports Center? When asked about the loss, he said, "more of the same." Exactly my point, thanks, Reg.) Imagine a backfield with Reggie - who's always been a better runner than passer and Tashard and designing some play option schemes for Reggie to run or throw, preferrably to CJ before he goes to the NFL next year and we all watch him catch and score, catch and score while we all wistfully ponder what if Tech used Reggie more?