Sunday, September 20, 2009

3-Sentence Reviews: TV Premieres, Part 1

It's TV season again, and since I watch sort of a lot of television, I may as wellpost some thoughts on the premieres. But in keeping with the Twitter paradigm, I'm going to do micro-reviews of each one. This covers premieres for the week of 9/14.

Survivor: Samoa: I'm skeptical of this season, and most of my skepticism has to do with this Russell character. He manages to make Johnny Fairplay look like a decent human being and Coach look level-headed and sane. Sucks that Marisa had to go so early--she was cute, way cuter than those two blond girls that I can't tell apart.

Bones: Though it has intriguing mysteries like all the other procedural crime dramas that I'm so into, I'm not a huge fan of Bones, and after the season premiere, I realized why. It centers around the title character; Emily Deschanel is an attractive woman and a good actress, but her Detective Brennan is so socially stubborn that the show is difficult to watch. She's like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, except that his social ineptitude is comedic and therefore watchable.

The Office: Season 5 showed us that The Office is much better when it's emphasizing the "mock" part of "mockumentary" rather than trying to tackle serious issues. "Gossip" showed that the show is back to its old tricks, which is a relief. Michael exhibited some lawsuit-worthy behavior, Jim and Pam were adorable, Kelly was perky, Creed was creepy, and Andy made a fool of himself.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: This show is so funny I watched all four seasons of it in the past few weeks in the run-up to the premiere. The premiere had its moments, but I can think of several funnier episodes off the top of my head. FX lost major points in my book for that "covert screening" crap they kept pushing through the show--the "covertly screened" show was horrible, and to add insult to injury, they made it look like we'd be getting an hour-long premiere of Sunny.

Check back next week for House, various CSI's, The Mentalist, and more!

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