Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Great Netflix Project

I'm a recent devotee of Netflix.

That's not because I'm a great lover of the cinema. It's not because I find myself drowning in disposable income, and I feel that I must buy something. It's not that I'm hopelessly bored and cannot devise anything else to do at all.

No, it's because I'm tired of people looking at me like I have lobster stalks growing out of my skull when I tell them I haven't seen some movie. Here's a conversation, circa 2009:

Roommate #1: Ooh, Terminator 2 is on. Let's watch it.
Roommate #2: Okay.
Roommate #1: This is so much better than the first Terminator, right?
Me: Uh, actually I haven't seen either one.
Roommate #1: (silence)

Oh man. The stalks must have sprouted eyeballs by now. Now, contrast that conversation to this one, circa 2010:

Friend #1: Who played Linda Hamilton in Terminator?
Friend #2: That doesn't sound right...
Me: No, Linda Hamilton was the actress. She played Sarah Connor.
Friend #1: Oh, yeah, you're right.

See? Netflix makes people like you! Seriously, though, there are a lot of movies in the annals of cinema that I just haven't seen, and I feel like I'd benefit from doing so. As I work through the list, I'll be posting my thoughts on each.

(Micro review of Terminator: the movie was undoubtedly groundbreaking for its time, and I buy that it influences sci-fi even now. That said, judged on its own merits, the movie has not aged well, and the Governator probably couldn't act his way out of a wet paper theater.)

If you have any suggestions for my cinematic education, please let me know.

Currently listening: "Misery Business", Paramore (damn it all...)

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Forrest Abouelnasr said...

Another advantage of Netflix: the movie game. One person in a circle names a movie, the next names an actor/ress in this movie, the next names another movie that person played in ... It spread the the department like wildfever about one year ago.