Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Probably the best spam comment I've ever gotten

I use comment moderation on this blog because every once in a while, I got a lot of spam in the comments.  Usually, these comments are the boring type or the gibberish type, but sometimes I come across a true gem.  Not wanting to post it as a comment, I've decided to legitimize the spammer on my own terms:

The Discount Cigarettes With Virginia Stamp is, if you exactly after "evening banquet" thought that the time is "the unforgettable time", you are the choice pull out Double Coronas or Giant Double Coronas? Or is both pulls out together? If business is arduous, meets the company share circuit breaker or Kenneth lai such faces likely goes out of business safely lets the human is badly battered, is sure not to light the cigar, because smokes the cigar is enjoys the leisure time whiling away the time. The cool evening, is burning the prill on the lawn, on the frame calmly is lying down the fresh and tender pink beefsteak, is assisting the very good red Newport Cigarettes.
The food finishes, lights a vandyck brown big cigar, attracts one, puts out freshly, moist, sends the blue color slightly the smog, no matter these blue smokes are for the time being flutter from a 400 Yuan David Du in husband (Davidoff), flutters from 300 Yuan Mcknew Du (MacanuDc), or is 90 Yuan P G C Hajenius, you

Now I know what's been missing all those cool evenings when I was burning the prill on the lawn.

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