Friday, June 16, 2006

Like Hell This Song Isn't About LSD

Upon getting an eye exam today, I had to be entered into the database (because it'd been far too long since I'd had my last). All the usual fields were there: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Gender. Now, you'd expect Gender to be either "Female" or "Male"... right?

Not so.

Inexplicably, we have "Female," "Male," and "Other."

My mom and I were prompted to wonder... do they actually have enough cases where this option comes into plat to warrant adding it? Part of me really, really wanted to ask my eye doctor exactly what that was supposed to mean, and how often neither "Female" nor "Male" seems to cut it.

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-- Zach said...

Good question my friend. You should have asked him. I would personally find that hilarious if they had enough cases of ... undefined gender to warrent adding an "other" category.

Gina said...

You should have asked. LOL that would have been hilarious