Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pyongyang Pikas Postgame: Weeks 2 and 3

It's been a tough couple of weeks for the Pikas.  After a strong start in Week 1, the Pikas have lost back-to-back matchups.

Week 2 saw the Pikas matched against Josh's Team, and it was a disaster from the outset.  Josh's Team showed up much stronger than they had in Week 1--and the Pikas were apparently busy gathering fresh grass to dry.  It was one of those blowouts so disastrous that literally no combination of players among my starters and bench would have given me the win.  Aaron Rodgers held up his end, and Michael Turner turned in a nice rushing performance against the Eagles, but it wasn't enough.  Chris Johnson was weak enough at running back for a second straight week that he earned a ticket to the bench for Week 3.  Antonio Gates earned literally zero points at tight end, and somehow the vaunted Ravens defense pulled off a negative score.

Final score: Josh's Team 138, Pikas 97

Week 3 was closer, and things could have turned the Pikas' way at any time, but Tom's Breesus Christ edged out the win.  This one was entirely on my bench management; one better choice at any of a few positions would have given me the game.  Aaron Rodgers, who had reliably scored 20+ points in both of the first two games, was "projected" to earn fewer points than my backup quarterback, Phillip Rivers--and that made sense; Rodgers was facing the competent Bears defense, while Rivers had the much more favorable matchup against the Chiefs.

It didn't matter--Rivers scored a mere 6 fantasy points owing to a skewed stat line of 2 interceptions and no touchdown passes.  Rodgers scored a consistent 21 points that I wasn't around to collect.  Wes Welker raked in a monstrous 34, but I never strongly considered starting him over Roddy White (14) and Mike Wallace (20) at wide receiver.  And based on another ESPN projection, the Pikas played entirely the wrong kicker--Josh Brown scored 1, while Steven Gostkowski hammered out 7 on the bench.

Week 3 wasn't as bleak as week 2, with several Pikas starters turning in solid performances.  Mike Wallace's brilliance was outdone only by Jermichael Finley's 26-point fluke at tight end.  And the Ravens defense was back in form, piling up five sacks, two turnovers, and once defensive touchdown, scoring 20 fantasy points.

Final score: Breesus Christ 103, Pikas 99  Pikas record: 1-2 (1-0 in division)

Week 4 features a slightly revamped Pikas offense, benching both Johnson and Frank Gore at running back in favor of new acquisition Fred Jackson, and starting Welker at receiver in place of Roddy White to take some eggs out of the Atlanta basket.  I'm projected to lose by 14, but my projected victories in Weeks 2 and 3 didn't actually project much of anything, so there remains hope.

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