Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Pyongyang Pikas Postgame: Week 4

This is what the Pikas are capable of.

Weeks 2 and 3 saw consecutive losses for the Pikas, and they desperately needed a win in Week 4 to get the season back on track.  They got it.

Last Sunday's early afternoon games gave the Pikas a quick start, with Matt Forte and new acquisition Fred Jackson combining for 43 points at running back.  Mike Wallace was less impressive--but still not a complete disappointment--at 7.  Going into the late afternoon games, the Pikas had a slim lead, one that could be erased if Darren McFadden or Ryan Mathews had a breakout game.

They could have had two breakout games each, and it wouldn't have mattered.  Jermichael Finley didn't repeat his stunning Week 3 performance, netting the Pikas only 2 points, but everything else clicked at every position.  Wes Welker continued to dominate at wide receiver, the Seahawks defense contributed to the effort by giving Michael Turner a few easy touchdowns, and Patriots kicker Steven Gostkowski was solid too.

But this week's game was so lopsided that all of the above players could have sat on the bench, and the Pikas still would not have lost.  Aaron Rodgers did it all: 400 passing yards including 4 touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns, and a colossal 45 fantasy points (I promise never to bench you again!).  And the Ravens defense, fully recovered from its Week 2 stumble, racked up 3 defensive touchdowns coming off an interception, 3 fumble recoveries and 2 sacks.  It led the grossly overrated Mark Sanchez to dominate the Bad Quarterbacks League standings in Week 4, and it cemented the Ravens defense as football's--or at least fantasy's--best defense.

Final score: Pikas 178, Beat Tom 77.  Pikas record: 2-2 (2-0 in division; perhaps I should play Beat Tom every week)

Sadly for me, the Ravens defense gets a bye this week, so the Pikas will have to combat Josh's Team entirely on the strength of their offense.  The projection is for a healthy Pikas win; the past history with Josh's Team suggests otherwise.  We'll see what happens in Sunday's rematch.

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