Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hi, my name is Matt...

...and I've decided to start a blog."

"Hi, Matt."

...wait, this isn't "I've decided to start a blog" anonymous? Ah well. I'm still Matt, and I've still decided to start a blog. Truth is, I've been threatening to do that for several months. Inspiration credits go to: (first and foremost) a couple of friends from Mock Trial, Dennis and Alex, who were toying around with the idea of Alex starting a blog when we were somewhere between Georgia Tech and Memphis. To my knowledge, Alex has not started a blog. If she does, read hers instead of this one because Alex is cooler than I am anyway. Better yet, read hers in addition to mine, because apparently she's going to have things like fashion commentary, something I fear my blog will sorely lack.

Also, inspiration credit goes to Andrew, with whom I made a short-lived fake blog a couple of years ago, also named after the Isocelerian Society (Hail the Triangle). To every holier-than-thou activist (you know, the ones that actually use words like "blogosphere" and take themselves seriously). To Orson Scott Card, who runs a "review of everything" that is usually very entertaining and insightful (even though he liked King Kong). And lastly, to every emo high school kid who ever kept a Livejournal or similar, loaded with cryptic posts about their feelings of love or suchlike nonsense.

This isn't to say I "don't believe in love." Not believing in an emotion does not make much sense. I do, however, object to 15-year-olds who issue proclamations of love.

Introduce myself? Not a bad idea, though most of the people reading this probably know me pretty well anyway. Oh, tangent: this blog is not for me to post things going on in my life. If something particularly amusing or thought-provoking comes up, sure, it'll be there. The point here is more for me to post my thoughts and ideas and opinions and reviews of all manner of things.

Do not ever allow me to post song lyrics here that supposedly relate to my feelings.

Anyway, my name's Matt Pavlovich. I go to Georgia Tech, and am about to start my second semester. Thanks to that blessing from Jesus known as AP credit, I'm technically a sophomore. (Not having to take General Chem or Calc 1 = amazing.) Tech is not really that hard, as of yet. I'm sure when I get to classes like "Thermodynamics II" and "Unit process principles" I'll change my story. Now at this point, you might be thinking, "Wait a second! This is a blog, and he hasn't mentioned politics yet!" True. If you're curious about my political views, I have a few of those, thanks for asking. They might appear at some point, but again that's not the point.

I'll probably say more stuff about myself as it becomes relevant.

Something kind of cool just happened to me. When I typed "foremost" a little while ago, I accidentally typed "forment." Now, I know what "format" and "ferment" and even "foment" mean, but "forment" really seems like it should be a word, and it probably doesn't mean "promote the makeup and layout of an object by an organic chemical change." As it turns out, "forment" is not a word. But "formant" is. It has to do with the resonance forming the characteristic phonetic quality of a speech sound, usually a vowel. So I learned a new word by a typo.


Anonymous said...

you've gone and made a blog, without me. for shame. I hope you fail;, I dunno how you could, perhaps for all this to be lost to the vast void of the "inner-netting."
I do like the name. well, have a nice day.

Laurel said...

I have this feeling that you're gonna meet some chick and then go on speals about 'emotions' in this thing. Proceeding which, you will be hit hard by something large and heavy. Repeatedly.

And 'speal' should be a word, because there should be a dictionary solely for us porr spllrs.