Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I could have gone all day...

without learning what "priapism" meant.

Thanks, Cialis commerical. I appreciate it a whole lot.

In other news, remember Orson Scott Card's Review of Everything? He's posted a discussion of what he calls "academic music." I have my own terms for this sort of music, the least colorful of which is "Jean music" after my old band director, Jack Jean. He was a nice guy and a pretty good conductor, but he was enamored with contemporary band pieces. And by contemporary, I don't mean the word in its strictest sense (produced currently; there has been plenty of this crap turning up for about a decade), but I refer to the modern trend in music, which is "make it sound like nothing; the less sense it makes, the better."

Apparently, Mr. Card feels the same way I do about this sort of music. Read his review of it here by scrolling down to the "academic music" section. (If you read the other parts of that week's review, remember that Orson Scott Card is very conservative and biased in favor of Christianity, and that 24 is a totally badass show.)


Andrew said...

Not to be an ass...he's biased towards Mormonism, not Christianity.

Bit of a difference. Ask me how!

Andrew said...

ok this is the part where after reading it all the way through i'll disagree with my previous comment..some of his other stuff tends to get a little bit hard to separate as far as his doctrine...this was mostly straightforward. guess i'm just pissed off and tired after staying up reading boethius for class tomorrow.