Thursday, January 05, 2006

What's in a Name?

At this point, I would do well to describe the rather curious-sounding moniker "Isoceleria." Yes, that's as in "isoceles triangle," and no, that's nowhere as geeky as it sounds. Rather, this is at once a satire on the Freemasons and tribute to a guy I played in an orchestra with once who had a head shaped like an isoceles triangle. Now, upon hearing this, some people did not believe me. They simply did not think that a person could have a head that was triangle-shaped. A few did believe, though, and thus was born Isoceleria.

The Isocelerian Society, or Isoceleria for short, was made up of three factions: the Lodge (the political wing), the Cuneorum (the military), and the Elucidated Brethren (the mystical wing, and a dozen cool points if you can tell me where that reference is from). We had cool titles, like "Super-Excellent 181st-Degree Master of the Isocelerian Lodge" and "Most Highly Exalted Knight Protector of the Cuneorum" and "Grand Spymaster of the Elucidated Inscribed Circle" and "Transcendent Architect of the Divine Pyramids." In fact, the first three belonged to my friend Andrew, me, and another friend Nicole, and we formed the Anointed Tribunal of Witnesses to the Sacred Figurehead, those who had seen (witnessed) Him With The Triangular Head. The remaining members of the Society were those who had not witnessed but still believed.

Come to think of it, we even had a prophet. Andrew and I randomly IMed a guy who, on a single airplane flight that very day, had seen a man with a triangular head and had a dream where he was asked to join a secret society.

The Isoceleria of old was a place where believers could come to contemplate the Three Mystic Rituals. Let the new Isoceleria be a place where thinkers can come to contemplate their opinions.


nicole said...

hail the triangle! :D do know that i will be stalking your blog for the rest of eternity, or until the internets blow up (whichever comes first). :)

Andrew said...

3 years later i find this post. thank god that i did. also, don't forget the prophet's name: anyone