Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ke$ha Week 2011: Day 3, or: Lady Gaga's Revenge

My journey through the soundscape of trashy dance-pop has been surprisingly Lady Gaga-free for the past couple of days.  A couple of songs over a couple of hours yesterday, and exactly zero on Day 1.

That all changed today, when Lady G made her presence known four times in just over an hour.

Ke$ha Week 2011, Day 3: March 29, 2011

Ke$ha "hit" of the day: "Animal".  This song is really tame by Ms. Sebert's standards.  It's more nonsensical than unintentionally hilarious... no mention of "little bitches" or "keeping it in your pants" here.  Lyric: "our world is spinning at the speed of light" (which I sincerely hope that it is not).

Songs until I had to hear Lady Gaga: 3.  "Poker Face" was the first time she showed up, and not the (vastly superior) Eric Cartman version.  I also got "Telephone" around half an hour in.  I never realized about this, but somehow Lady Gaga managed to make a single (peaking at #3 on Billboard!) out of complaining that too many people call her, and that she would rather dance than talk on the phone.  "Alejandro" decided to roll after about 45 minutes, and I just missed the tail end of "Just Dance" because I had a meeting.

Does Jason Derulo announce his name at the beginning of all of his songs?  Yes, see also either "Whatcha Say" or "In My Head," both of which I got to hear today.

Peak ridiculousness: "Sexy Bitch," David Guetta feat. Akon.  "Sexy Bitch" contains both of these lyrics: "I'm trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful" and "damn you's a sexy bitch."  Now, I was (and remain) willing to consider the notion that this song is tongue-in-cheek, an ironic commentary on the limited vocabularies of other hip-hop artists, meant to offer a deliberate juxtaposition of vulgarity and respect.  But I'm skeptical: this song is so far out of the realm of good taste that if it is in fact a joke, it's an ill-conceived one.

Actually not that bad: "Everytime We Touch," Cascada.  It's pretty standard dance-pop, derivative and relatively uninspired, but at least it's energetic, and there's nothing offensive about it.  After "Sexy Bitch," Cascada suddenly starts sounding really good.

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