Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ke$ha Week 2011: Day 7, or The Conclusion

It's been a fun week, Ke-dollar sign-ha, but it's back to the land of indie rock and pre-baroque polyphany for me.  Today, I'll look back at the hits and misses of the week plus talk about some things I wish had shows up but didn't.

Ke$ha Week, Day 7: April 2, 2011

Ke$ha "hit" that never showed up (much to my dismay): "Dinosaur".  How can you not love a song that starts with "D I/ N O/ S A/ you are a dinosaur" and is basically about Ke$ha's distaste for older men hitting on her?  I feel like I got every Ke$ha song out there except for this one... and next to "Blow," it's easily my second-favorite Ke$ha song.

Saving graces that never showed up (even though I thought they had a pretty good chance): anything at all by either Metric or Paramore.   Metric is sort of, kind of, almost dance pop (though there's probably a veritable army of Canadian indie kids who would berate me for applying that label); both Avril Lavigne (who Pandora associates very closely with Paramore... ask me how I know) and Haley Williams herself (though B.o.B.) showed up on the station.  Both bands have female vocalists. And both bands are responsible for songs that I thumbed-up or seeded on other stations.  Now, I haven't been able to confirm this, but I swear that Pandora does this thing where it looks at your stations and subtly pulls in music from them to other stations.  I had my fingers crossed that would happen here.  But apparently Pandora was in on the wager, because it was having none of that.

Pandora trend that I'm just now picking up on: its distribution of well-known songs versus deeper cuts.  If you seed a station with a single artist (as I've done here), the station will play anything and everything by that artist.  Then, it'll try to find artists that are similar to your seeded artist... but it only plays their better-known tracks.  For example, I came across "Sleazy" by Ke$ha (which certainly lives up to its name), which is track 3 off of Cannibal, a song I'd never heard before and would never expect to hear on the radio.  But for all the Jason Derulo the station figured I needed to hear, I only got "Whatcha Say," "In My Head," and "Ridin' Solo," Derulo's three massive hits, but about six times apiece.

Did "Like A G6" show up?  No... for the first time this week.  I was shocked too.

Last song of Ke$ha Week 2011: "Tik Tok," Ke$ha.  Couldn't have asked for a more appropriate note to exit on.

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