Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ke$ha Week 2011: Day 5, In Which My Patience For Rihanna Wears Thin

Prior to the beginning of this ordeal, one of the artists likely to show up on the Ke$ha station that I  would have said I didn't so much mind was Rihanna.  Not that I liked Rihanna necessarily--although I'll readily admit to thinking "Disturbia" is a fine song--but that compared to the likes of 3OH!3, a little Rihanna isn't so bad.

I have changed my mind.

Ke$ha Week, Day 5: March 31, 2011

Ke$ha "hit" of the day: "We R Who We R".  Again, this isn't one of her more outrageous songs, but it does contain the requisite amount of sleaze: "stockings ripped all up the side/ looking sick and sexy-fied."

Song I would actually be okay with never hearing again because I've had to endure so much of it: "Love the Way You Lie," Rihanna.  Over the last five days, it has shown up at least half a dozen times in its various incarnations--I didn't know this before I started my endeavor, but there are actually two "parts" to this song; the one you heard every day on the radio in 2010 is the first.  Honorable mentions for outstanding contribution to my Rihanna saturation go to "Only Girl (In the World)" and "S&M".

Peak ridiculousness: "My First Kiss," 3OH!3 feat. Ke$ha.  In retrospect, I shouldn't have expected anything but peak ridiculousness from a song by 3OH!3 that feats Ke$ha.  My favorite lyric has to be "your kiss is like whiskey; it gets me drunk," because it's so amusingly straightforward.  The dance poppy chorus is actually not that bad, but Ke$ha making kissing noises is just weird.

Song that I skipped: "Starrstrukk", 3OH!3.  If Day 5 was responsible for wearing down my Rihanna buffer, it also made me realize that I had absolutely no 3OH!3 buffer.  Besides, if I wanted to hear douchebag white guys yell at me and pretend they're good rappers, I could just listen to Eminem's part of "Love the Way You Lie."

Is David Guetta is still bad?  Yes, if you believe "Who's That Chick".  Aside from being irritatingly overproduced--I don't think there's a single audio element of this song that's not electronic in some form--includes such inspired lyrics as "urrbody's gettin' low."

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